Hear From One of the World's TOP Experts on the Genetics and Epidemiology of Afib

Join StopAfib.org for a Rare Opportunity to Hear From One of the World's TOP Experts on the Genetics and Epidemiology of Afib. 

Discover What You Need to Know Now, as an Afib Patient, About Afib Genetics, Risk Factors, and Prevention.



June 29th

3:00 PM CDT

Join StopAfib.org Founder Mellanie True Hills


Renowned Afib Genetics Expert

Dr. Emelia Benjamin

Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology
Boston University Schools of Medicine and Public Health
Clinical Cardiologist
Boston University Medical Center
Boston, MA

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You Will Learn...

  • The basics of afib (such as what it is, when it becomes more common, and how it progresses), and risk factors and prevention tools you'll definitely want to know about. 
  • The role your risk factors play in the progression of afib, and whether you can make lifestyle changes to prevent or slow the progression
  • The role of genetics when it comes to afib - get the answers to questions like: does it run in families, should your family members be screened, and can prevention help them avoid it?
  • And more.

This complimentary presentation is about afib education and the role that lifestyle and prevention can play in managing afib. Dr. Benjamin is a world-renowned researcher on the Framingham Heart Study, and has served as the Principal Investigator on numerous studies and grants related to the genetics of atrial fibrillation. She is the author of over 550 peer-reviewed original research, reviews, and scientific guidelines articles.  

Reserve your spot here, now, to learn exactly what afib patients and family members need to know about lifestyle, genetics, and afib prevention.

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