David Van Wagoner, PhD

David Van WagonerDavid Van Wagoner, PhD, is a Translational Scientist who works with physicians in the Sydell and Arnold Miller Family Heart & Vascular Institute at Cleveland Clinic. As a scientist, Dr. Van Wagoner does not treat patients, but works closely with Heart Center physicians to research the mechanisms underlying atrial fibrillation, and to develop and assess new techniques for treating atrial fibrillation and other aging-related cardiovascular conditions. Dr. Van Wagoner’s specialty is cellular electrophysiology research.

Dr. Van Wagoner received his PhD in pharmacology from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia in 1985. He received NIH-supported postdoctoral training in the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics at the University of Pennsylvania. He was a Research Associate at Case Western Reserve University before becoming a Project Scientist in the Departments of Cardiology and Molecular Cardiology at Cleveland Clinic in 1988. In 2000, he became Director of the Cleveland Clinic’s Basic Cardiac Electrophysiology Laboratory.

Dr. Van Wagoner’s cardiac electrophysiology research program is primarily funded by the National Institutes of Health, but has also received support from the American Heart Association, the Atrial Fibrillation Innovation Center, the Fondation Leducq European-North American Research Alliance and several pharmaceutical companies. His research focused on human atrial fibrillation is highly collaborative and translational, with extensive interactions both with cardiac surgeons in the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery and cardiologists in the Section of Electrophysiology in the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine. Recent studies have examined the role of oxidative stress in the electrophysiological remodeling associated with atrial fibrillation, the mechanisms underlying postoperative atrial fibrillation and the relationship between the systemic inflammatory response and persistence of atrial fibrillation.

Dr. Van Wagoner is an active member of the Faculty of the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of  Medicine of Case Western Reserve University. He is widely published in professional cardiology, electrophysiology and physiology journals including Circulation, Circulation Research, and theAmerican Journal of Physiology. He is a member of the editorial board of several cardiovascular journals and is a reviewer for national and international medical publications and funding agencies. Dr. Van Wagoner is a member of numerous professional societies including the American Physiological Society, the American Society of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, and the North American Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology. He is a Fellow of the Basic Cardiovascular Sciences Council of the American Heart Association.

Dr. Van Wagoner is frequently an invited speaker on atrial fibrillation and other cardiovascular topics at national and international symposia and conferences.